Hunts Point

Incorporated in 1955, the Town of Hunts Point is located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington just north of the SR520 bridge.

Once a camping ground for the Sammamish Indian tribe, however, when Washington became a state and Seattle grew, the Indians were pushed north and east and finally stopped coming to the Point altogether.

Hunts Point was named after Leigh S. J. Hunt, who owned the Seattle Post Intelligencer in the late 1800's. During the latter part of the nineteenth century, he resided at the end of Yarrow Point on property that he acquired in the early 1870's from an old homesteader, bought what is now known as "Hunts Point". He wanted it so that he could cut down the tall evergreen trees growing on its northern tip, which obstructed his view of Seattle. Later, he named this peninsula after himself.

Hunts Point is one of the smallest municipalities in Western Washington.