The area presently known as Covington was originally known as Jenkins Prairie. and was used as an annual gathering place for the Indians. The name continues with Jenkins Creek, there is even a Jenkins Creek Elementary School.

In the 1880's the Northern Pacific Railroad commissioned a surveyor by the name of Covington to develop a railroad line between Auburn and Kanasket. Along the way a stop was named for him and a community was born.

An abundance of timber and water in the area soon lured other lumbermen to be build in Covington. Charlie Meredith built a mill on Jenkins Creek just north of the whistle stop and the Award Lumber Company was located about three miles east of Auburn. One of the best known mills in the area was started by three partners and was named the Covington Creek Mill.

Services were soon to follow and by the 1900's the area had a school, store, post office, loan office, feed mill and fire station. The cooperative store, Granger's Co-Op, was formed because of high prices and a feud with Kent merchants. A cemetery was started around the same time, Meridian Cemetery, and the land was purchased for $5 per acre.

Today' Covington offers many services for their residents, including a fully staffed, year-round aquatic center. The city also offers seasonal youth sport leagues, recreation classes, and special events. The city is also home to eight city-run parks, and one municipally maintained trail.