Copalis Beach

Copalis Beach is a coastal community where the Copalis River greets the sea. Here you'll find razor clam digging, fishing, beachcombing and other recreational opportunities.

The area is also home to Iron Springs Resort, with its oceanside cabin accommodations, hiking trails and beach access.

The Indian tribe Copalis belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan language family and occupied the area of Copalis River and the Pacific Coast between the mouth of Joe Creek and Grays Harbor. In 1805 Lewis and Clark estimated a population of 200 Copalis in 10 houses. The 5 individuals assigned to a "Chepalis" tribe in an enumeration given by Olson of the year 1888 probably refers to them.

First white people settled in the 1890s. Copalis and the beach of the same name, have become famed as the "Home of the razor clam." During the commercial season, Copalis' normal population of about 350 persons, leaped fourfold.